Basics of Sleep Medicine


This course is perfect for

Clinical assistants, dental hygienists,  practice staff, dentists and anyone looking to learn more in sleep medicine.

This introductory level course is designed to give anyone interested in sleep medicine a basic understanding of the essential components of the pathology. Dr Linda Schachter, specialist sleep and respiratory physician takes you through the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of the condition. You’ll learn to understand the signs and symptoms, learn how to read a sleep report and when to order one and what to consider in treatment options.

This course is suitable for dentists looking to get into dental sleep medicine, dental assistance, hygienists and nurses as well as front desk staff.

Module 1: What is sleep apnoea: Sleep physician, Dr Linda Schachter takes you through the basics of sleep apnea as a pathology.

Module 2: Signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea:  This module takes you through what a patient presents with at a primary care level and what are the typical signs and symptoms.

Module 3: Health risks of sleep apnoea: This module explains the short and long term health impacts of the condition.

Module 4: How to diagnose sleep apnoea: This module aids you in being able to successfully understand the diagnosis process, read sleep reports and help initiate treatment plans for the patient.

Module 5: Tools to diagnose Sleep apnea: We take you through the different tools you have available to you to diagnose sleep apnea

Module 6: Interpreting a sleep study: This module takes a detailed look at sleep reports and what we need to look out for when reading them.

Module 7: Treatment of sleep apnoea: This module takes a look at all the treatment options for patient diagnosed with sleep apnea.

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